PMH opened its first Adult Training Facility in Rochester, Pennsylvania (Licensed under Pennsylvania Code, Title 55, Chapter 2380).


PMH opened its first Community Residential Program (Licensed under Pennsylvania Code, Title 55, Chapter 6400).


PMH opened its second Adult Training Facility to support individuals residing in Allegheny and Butler counties. This program remained open, serving 51 individuals, until it was relocated to Harmar Township in 2001.


PMH opened its first Family Living Program (Licensed under Pennsylvania Code, Title 55, Chapter 6500).


PMH transitioned a 24-bed Intermediate Care Facility to a Waiver Program, providing supports to 24 individuals.


PMH successfully integrated 23 Community Residential Homes in Westmoreland County previously operated by another provider. These homes were licensed within a one-week time period.


PMH opened a 14-bed Long-Term Structured Residence (LTSR) in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, for the Westmoreland County Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Program (Licensed by under Pennsylvania Code, Title 55, Chapter 5320).


Passavant Development Corporation (PDC) was formed as a subsidiary corporation of PMH. PDC opened a closed door, long-term care pharmacy to assure the delivery of quality pharmaceutical services to community residential providers. The formation of this business line was to help eliminate providers' ongoing frustrations with large corporate pharmacies that did not understand or were unable to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.


PMH redesigned the service delivery of Home and Community Based supports with the advent of Person/Family Directed Support Waiver. This new waiver and the Philosophy of Self-Determination guided PMH in exploring and developing a service delivery system designed to address the diverse needs of children and adults residing in their own homes.


PMH received the first U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant for the purpose of purchasing and renovating community homes. These projects have provided more accessible housing for individuals as well as permanent residences for aging individuals who may experience diminished physical abilities throughout their lifetime.


The Passavant Memorial Homes Foundation (PMHF) was founded to support Passavant Memorial Homes Family of Services (PMHFOS) and its commitment to enriching the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities, autism, and behavioral health needs.


PMH built and opened the Hartman Vocational and Employment Center in Harmarville, Pennsylvania, to address the need for a larger and more centrally located program, providing individuals with services including an Adult Training Facility, Job Search and Placement, Volunteer Opportunities, Work Skills Training, and the Inclusive Community Opportunities Network.


PMH opened its first Seniors Program in the Kohler Resource Center in Rochester, Pennsylvania. The program was developed to address the needs of older adults with intellectual disabilities who were unable to find a suitable leisure and recreation-based program within the Beaver County area.


Life Enrichment Trust (LET) was formed out of a need to assist families in providing financially for their loved ones with disabilities without the risk of compromising eligibility for ongoing government benefits. LET provides options for the use of funds from estate planning, legal settlements, and other forms of income.


PMH was honored to receive the 2006 Opportunity Award from St. Anthony School Programs. The award was presented to PMH for its commitment to providing services to meet the ongoing needs of individuals with disabilities. PMH was recognized for making a difference in the lives of children with intellectual disabilities and autism, and creating opportunities for these children where none previously existed.


Accessible Dental Services (ADS) was formed with the goal of providing quality, specialized dental services to individuals with disabilities.


PMH opened its first Children’s Program (Licensed under Pennsylvania Code, Title 55, Chapter 3800), expanding supports to children and adolescents across western Pennsylvania.


PMH implemented a preferred service model: “Lifesharing through Family Living.” The initiative to expand this service model has afforded individuals the opportunity to live with a family or friend in a private home, where previously they had not considered this level of support.


PMH successfully transitioned six residential sites and Home and Community Based supports for individuals funded through Allegheny, Clarion, Clearfield, Jefferson, and Lawrence counties.


PMH further expanded its Children’s Program by opening the Mt. View Children’s Program in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.


PDC Pharmacy expanded services by opening a closed-door pharmacy located in Boulder, Colorado.


ADS purchased a mobile dental unit through generous grants from the FISA Foundation, the Highmark Foundation, and funds raised through annual Passavant Memorial Homes Foundation (PMHF) events. This unit has enabled ADS to take their specialized dental treatment to areas of Pennsylvania where no services were available for individuals with disabilities.


ADS entered into an affiliation agreement with the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine (Pitt) through their Center for Patients with Special Needs. Under this agreement, Pitt’s third and fourth year dental students work with ADS professionals at local offices to become familiar with the specific needs of individuals with disabilities.


PMH was chosen to manage an agency serving 84 individuals with complex behavioral and chronic mental health needs. An onsite management team provided daily support and implemented all systems to ensure the organization remained stable and that individuals were provided quality services consistent with regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations. In October of 2012, all services were licensed under PMH and became part of PMHFOS.


PMH assumed operations of four residential locations previously operated by a northern Allegheny County provider for 10 individuals who selected PMH to be their community residential living provider.


Twelve individuals previously served through the Bedford/Somerset Department of Developmental Disability Services Program selected PMH as their provider of Lifesharing (Family Living) supports. All individuals were able to remain in their current residences with their previous family providers, thereby ensuring a smooth transition of services.


PMH expanded community residential services into the State of Delaware at the request of the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services. PMH has developed three community living arrangements for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the State of Delaware.


Twenty-three individuals previously served through the Bedford/Somerset Department of Developmental Disability Services Program selected PMH as their provider of residential community living supports. As with the Lifesharing program transition in 2016, all individuals were able to remain in their current residences, ensuring a smooth transition of services.


PDC Pharmacy expanded services by opening a closed-door pharmacy located in Erie, Pennsylvania.


PMH expanded its Home and Community Based supports program by opening a regional office located in New Castle, Pennsylvania.


PMH opens newly renovated regional offices in Harmarville, creating a state-of-the-art space for collaboration and teamwork.