Passavant Memorial Homes Family of Services (PMHFOS) has developed and implemented a suite of secure, web-based tools to safely capture data across our disperse geographic locations and enable immediate actionability and insights. Over the course of the pandemic, in collaboration with our partner of Horizon Information Systems, Inc., we have created more than 20 custom tools. The tools are used by staff while at residential service locations, packaging and delivery team members while at our centralized hub of our Thorn Hill Corporate Office, as well as by members of the management team while at remote work sites.

While each tool serves a unique purpose, they share common features to enable integration and analysis across the suite of tools. As part of the rollout of each tool, PMHFOS develops corresponding step-by-step user guides. Associated trainings, with video demonstrations, are provided on the PMHFOS electronic learning management system, Relias, for the applicable tool end users.


  • Vehicle Ride Tool: Includes participants’ information (individuals and staff), vehicle information, departure and return information, reminders for personal protective equipment (PPE), and more.
  • Leave of Care Tool: Includes the individual participating in the leave of care, location of and contact information for the leave of care, signs and symptoms checklists, and more.


  • Temperature and Oxygen Monitoring Tool: Enables staff at residential service locations to enter individual and employee temperature readings, as applicable, as well as individual oxygen saturation levels; includes real-time email alerts to Passavant Memorial Homes (PMH) nurses and management for any readings that fall outside of pre-defined thresholds so that immediate action can be taken, as appropriate.
  • Monitoring Frequency Adjustments Tool: Enables PMHFOS nurses to adjust the frequency that each individual’s temperature and oxygen saturation levels are to be taken based upon each individual’s status.


  • Special Requests Tool: Enables staff at residential service locations to request items to be delivered for individuals and/or the residential service location overall; integrates with a back-end request review, packaging, and delivery tracking tool, with real-time status updates for requests communicated through the tool to the residential service location.
  • Christmas Individual Wish List and Gift Tracking Tools: Provided a mechanism for PMH managers to track each individual’s Christmas gifts to ensure each individual received appropriate gifts and that all gifts were delivered safely and timely for Christmas.


  • Manager House Visit Checklist: Enables managers to securely provide an update to the internal PMHFOS management team upon a visit to a residential service location, including checking in on the individuals at the location and offering support to staff for health and safety protocols.
  • Family/Friend Communication Log: Enables managers to communicate to Executive Management questions from an individual’s loved ones (family members, friends, etc.) in a secure manner to foster coordinated, timely responses.

For more information related to Passavant Memorial Homes Family of Services’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please view our 2020 Impact Report, “Safeguarding Those We Serve and Supporting Our Community Amid the Pandemic” by visiting

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